chic-fil-a leadercast dr. roland fryer

Below are my take aways from Dr. Roland Fyer who serves as Professor of Economics at Harvard University also the founder and CEO of The Education Innovation Laboratory at Harvard.

Changing the culture of schools & Education

  1. Lengthen the School Day
  2. Hire and Keep Great Teachers
  3. Develop a Culture of High Expectations
  4. Tutor Groups
  5. Quick Assessment & Adjustment

I loved how easily transferable the above 5 principles were to improving or changing the culture of a church as well.

Applied to Church-world…

  1. To Improve Performance it takes Practice
  2. Hire and keep Great Pastors/Staff
  3. Expect Great Results
  4. Specifically Coach & Develop Talent
  5. Evaluate Performance and Adjust your Approach

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