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Life is defined by moments, especially the ones that we don’t see coming. It’s those surprising moments and how we respond to them that have the potential to shape the entire trajectory of our lives. And while life-changing moments may surprise us, they don’t just happen. More often than not, they come as the result of great planning and hard work. They come from a series of decisions, and doing the right things…or the wrong things, over an extended period of time. Eventually, in a moment, it shows up. This principle is true of companies, churches, and families. In fact, this past weekend we created a memorable experience for my daughter’s 7th birthday. Creating memorable moments can be an art, and all take the following into account:

Significant People

Mom & Dad came in town for her birthday. My daughter is crazy about her Papa & Nana!

Making the Ordinary Extraordinary

Balloons and birthdays are synonymous. But we decided to sneak 3-dozen balloons into her room while she was asleep. And when she woke up, let’s just say we had a pretty excited little lady in the house. 100 balloons may have been better, but Daddy’s got a budget!

Meaningful Words

As my daughter woke up, tied to each of those balloons was a note of encouragement and blessing that someone who knows her and is important to our family wrote to her.

Duration Matters

Her birthday lasted all day. From the moment she woke up with the balloons and notes, the animal pancakes, presents after breakfast (the guinea pig was a big hit), lunch out at a gluten free restaurant (she has an allergy and going out is a BIG deal), and a homemade princess cake with some great friends that evening to top it all off.

Planning, Planning, Planning

It took time, work, and money to pull it off. But it was worth it. Holding my daughter at the end of the day, tucking her into bed, and whispering happy birthday into her ear. The look in her eyes…yea it was worth it.


What are some of the most memorable moments in your life?

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  1. Tracy February 28, 2011 at 10:04 am #

    What a memorable moment you guys gave your little angel! Thanks for inspiring me with the creative flair to truly make things special for the ones we love. Your family is so blessed to be “drop dead crazy” about each other … and it shows!

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