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A couple of weeks ago I shared that my next Leadership Coaching Network will be beginning in October. I’m currently receiving applications and the network will probably fill up before the end of summer.

I understand that it’s one thing for me to share all the details and benefits from participating, but why take my word for it? That’s why I recently caught up with a couple of past participants to get their input on their experience with the network.

“The coaching and leadership conversations we had over six months with Paul elevated my leadership in the church as much as any experience I’ve had. I gained valuable tools and strategies for developing the leaders under my care. Additionally our discussions provided a strong foundation for understanding why healthy churches grow, and the time to personalize theory to our specific ministry situation. Paul’s personal ministry and leadership experience and wisdom ensured each coaching session was a valuable experience!”
Micah Hutchison, Executive Pastor at Harvest Community Church in Mesa, AZ

“This coaching network with Paul was one of the most beneficial experiences of my ministry life. The network gatherings were fun, challenging, and full of leadership exercises that provided me with tools to lead more effectively and move people towards a focused goal. I highly recommend this experience!”
Ira Towns, Executive Pastor at Atlantic Shores Bible Church in Virginia Beach, VA

“The coaching network with Paul strengthened my understanding of team leadership, personal development, and organizational health! This experience has been a huge help to me in my role as a leader within the local church!”
Caleb Cambell, Executive Pastor at Desert Springs Bible Church in Phoenix, AZ

Interested in Joining Us?
Here are all the details about the leadership coaching network in Phoenix. My teammate at The Unstuck Group, Tony Morgan, is facilitating a similar network in Atlanta

Complete the coaching network application and pay your initial deposit to hold your space. The deposit will be your first month’s fees. The next Phoenix and Atlanta networks will start in October 2014. The deadline for your application is August 15, 2014.

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