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Most of us know exactly what it feels like to be stuck. We’ve been stuck in traffic, stuck in the wrong checkout line at the grocery store, or even stuck going to some chic-flic in an attempt to be a better husband. It’s a bad feeling…feeling stuck. And it can be unbearable when you’re leading a church that’s stuck. You feel strongly that you have a clear and compelling picture from God about where the church needs to go…but…you’re stuck. No matter how hard you try it seems like you can’t get the church to move from where you are, to where you know God wants it to be. And the longer things stay stuck the more you begin to doubt the picture you think God gave you about that preferred future, or that you’re even the person to lead it there at all.

Last week I had the opportunity to sit down with author, coach, and consultant Tony Morgan and discuss this issue of “stuckness” that so many churches and leaders are facing today. In the middle of the conversation something he said really resonated with me, “Where churches typically get stuck isn’t on the vision and dream, but rather the gap between vision and ministry.” Vision alone isn’t enough. Churches get stuck on the “how.” How you are actually going to get it done and make the dream reality.

We went on to discuss his latest installment of the Leisure Suit Series, “How to Get Unstuck.” In which he unpacks the following issues that must be addressed if you’re going to move towards the dream God has placed on your heart:

1. Making the necessary changes to bring different results

2. Bridging the space between strategies and systems

3. Following God’s blueprint for accomplishing His purposes

4. Building a solid foundation

5. Avoiding an over-reliance on teaching

6. Creating a healthy system in your church

The only way to get unstuck is to start moving. Inside this e-book you’ll find all kinds of transferable principles and intentional conversations to have with your team that will help you confront reality and start moving your church towards that preferred future God has placed in your heart! I highly recommend it!

Follow this link to download your free copy of, “Hanging Up the Leisure Suit, How To Get Unstuck,” by Tony Morgan.

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