“How to train-wreck your team” What every Staff member wants from their senior leader Part-4

Generally speaking people want to do a good job. Particularly when it comes to church world, your staff has submitted not only their soul to the Lord but their career as well. They are literally spending their lives for the sake of the Gospel. But your Staff is guaranteed to fail if as the Senior Leader you don’t provide them with the following:

1. The appropriate resources to get the job done

There are truly only a few reasons that people fail at their job, and one of those is that they haven’t been given the proper resources to accomplish the task that has been assigned to them. Those resources can include budget, facilities, equipment, personnel, marketing, publicity, and an appropriate timeline to get it done.  Sometimes we expect our staff to feed the masses with a few loaves of bread and a couple of fish and we forget that they’re not Jesus.

 Key Question: Do your staff have what they need to do their job?

2. Clear and consistent communication

You’d be surprised how often the heart of a staff can land on frustration simply due to unstated or poorly stated expectations on the part of the supervisor.  Your team wants to know what they’re being evaluated on and what benchmarks you’ve set for them.  They want to know if they’ve hit the mark and done their jobs.

Key Question: Do your staff know what their job is?

3. Ongoing training and development

Have you developed a plan to invest in your team on a consistent basis? Your team is daily spending themselves, getting after the objectives of the organization and it is your job to come along side of them and offer moments to refuel. If you can take it a step further than simply developing them as employees and dig down a layer towards developing them as people you’ll have the opportunity to attract and keep the best players in the industry.

Key Question: Do your staff have the opportunity to grow in their job?

4. Proper placement

Do the people in your organization have the opportunity to use their gifts or have they been reduced to accomplishing redundant and menial tasks. Do they feel like they are doing what they were made to do and are you getting your best out of them? Have you strategically placed your people in roles that simultaneously allow them to use their abilities as well as bring the most value to the organization?

Key Question: Do your staff feel fulfilled and add value in their job?

The best Senior Leaders set the environment for the success of their Staff, because they know that when their Staff succeeds, they succeed.

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