Leadercast 2014: Simon Sinek

Leadercast concluded with Leadership Expert and best selling author Simon Sinek. Interested in learning more about Simon’s past work? Check out this post: “Why Telling People What to do Makes them Stupid”

“In the military we give medals to people who sacrifice themselves for the sake of other. In the business world we give bonuses to people who sacrifice others so we may gain.”

  • Leaders always set the tone for the organization
  • We can’t solve complex problems by ourselves but in groups we’re remarkable
  • The only thing we have control of is the environment inside the organization
  • At the sound of violence it’s a mother’s instinct to throw themselves on the top of their child
  • When danger threatens, it’s the leaders instinct to save their teams.
  • We call someone a leader because they go first

“The one characteristic any successful leader needs to have is courage”

  • Great leaders want their followers to grow beyond where they are themselves
  • Marine Corp tradition: The most junior person eats first. The most senior officers eat last
  • But in business, we tell entrepreneurs, “Pay yourself first”
  • Leadership is a responsibility not a rank
  • When you put the well-being of others before yourself, they in turn look after you
  • You can’t measure good leadership on a daily basis.
  • Leadership is a practice, not an event.
  • We all want to feel safe around the people we work with. Are you creating that safety for your team?


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