Leadership Summit 2016: Dr. Travis Bradberry

Emotional Intelligence is often talked about but rarely understood. Yet it’s one of the most significant performance indicators that you can control that will determine the success or failure you find in your job. Bestselling Author and Co-Founder of TalentSmart, Dr. Travis Bradberry gave a great presentation that will help you raise your E.Q.

  • Emotional intelligence will change the way you view yourself, others, and the way you go about your work
  • I.Q. measures the rate at which you process information
  • E.Q. is the integration between our emotions and our reason
  • People with a high E.Q. out perform people with a high I.Q. 70% of the time

Self Awareness: is the ability to accurately recognize your emotions as they happen and understand your general tendencies for responding to different people and situations.

  • Awareness of your emotions in the moment
  • Awareness of your tendencies and responding to different people and situations
  • You spot it…you got it. In other words if you get irritated with others about stuff it’s usually a result of

Self Management: using awareness of your emotions to choose what you say and do, in order to positively direct your behavior.

Social Awareness: recognizing and understanding the emotions and perspectives of others.

  • Not just knowing what the other person is feeling but what they’re trying to communicating
  • Focusing on the other person more than yourself

Relationship Management: using awareness of your emotions and the emotions of others to manage interactions successfully.

  • Use the other 3 skills in concert
  • Aware of what’s going on in you, in the other person, and affect things for the positive
  • The biggest mistake that people make is to win the battle to lose the war (the overall quality of the relationship)
  • Increasing your EQ requires a lot of practice
  • 3 silver bullets everyone needs to work on
    • Get your stress under control
    • Clean up your sleep hygiene (don’t take anything that helps you sleep, no blue light in the evening,)
    • Get your caffeine intake under control

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