managing the tension between marriage and ministry part-1

Some time ago we set aside a Staff Training Day at Sun Valley Community Church and invited a couple of area churches together to invest in our Staff and their spouses. If you haven’t noticed lately the statistics are telling us that leaders in ministry are checking out every day on their families and their ministry. Any quick Google Search on “Pastors leaving Ministry” will give you loads of information and statistics on the subject. I managed to grab the .mp3 files of a couple of talks for you from that day. Here they are for FREE!

Session #1
Tom Shrader, Founding and Lead Teaching Pastor of Redemption Church
Recently lost his wife to cancer.

Download the first session (right click and “save as…”)

Session #2
Al Ells, Founder and Director of Leaders that Last
An interview with Al who serves as a professional counselor, coach, and mentor to many high level leaders.

Download the second session (right click and “save as…”)

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