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You cannot meet and get things done at the same time. In a meeting you can develop plans to get things done, you can decide what things you are going to get done, you can form consensus and get buy in from team members about what things you are going to get done, but you cannot get things done in a meeting. Meetings that work are meetings that prepare you and the team to get the work of the organization done.

#1 Make sure there is a clear plan for the meeting

The first task before the meeting ever takes place is to answer what the purpose of the meeting is. Is everyone there to hear a presentation of a new idea? Are we here to plan something together or evaluate something that just happened? Are we problem solving or is this going to be a creative meeting? Meeting for the sake of meeting is not only a waste of everyone’s time, but a sure fire way to create unnecessary frustration and unrest within the organization.

#2 Keep the meeting on track

If you want to have an effective meeting then it’s up to you to ensure that no one highjacks the meeting. Written agendas, making sure someone is responsible for running the meeting, and letting everyone who’s attending the meeting know the purpose for the meeting before they attend are all simple ways to keep everyone on track.

#3 Make clear assignments

There is nothing worse than coming out of a meeting where decisions were made to get critical work done, but everyone is confused about who is doing what. It’s essential that as decisions are made in the meeting that someone is clearly assigning work with deliverables and timelines to bring accomplished tasks back to the table.

#4 Bring everything back to the goals of the organization

Whether problems are solved, ideas are presented, or assignments are made everything must be linked back to the goals and values of the organization. The goals and values of the organization must be the filter through which everything gets passed or else your team will feel as though they are meeting for the sake of meeting. Your team wants to know they’re advancing the ball down the field and it’s up to you to help them see it!

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