Multisite Church Fast Facts

This past week Jim Tomberlin the founder of MultiSite Solutions stopped by my current Coaching Network to spend some time talking all things Multisite and Mergers. He shared about how the multisite movement that originally began as a “band-aid” solution for megachurches that were out of space has quickly turned into a growth strategy for all kinds and sizes of churches. Below are 15 incredible facts that Jim in partnership with Leadership Network have discovered about the multisite church movement:

  1. There are 5,000 multisite churches vs 1,650 megachurches. In other words, “multi” doesn’t mean “mega.”
  2. 6+ million people attend a multisite church in North America (That means 1 in 10 people who attended a protestant church this past weekend attended a multisite church campus)
  3. 75 of the largest 100 churches in North America have multiple campuses.
  4. 2/3 of multisite churches are denominational churches.
  5. The average size that a church goes multisite is 850.
  6. The average size of a multisite campus is 361.
  7. The average total attendance of a multisite church is 1,300.
  8. One in three multisite churches added a campus through a merger.
  9. One in four multisite churches have a campus in another language.
  10. One in five multisite churches have birthed a “grandchild” campus. In other words a campus that the original campus started, started a campus. Make sense?
  11. One in 10 multisite churches have an online internet campus.
  12. Only half of all multisite churches utilize video to deliver the weekend teaching/preaching.
  13. Only 15% of all multisite churches have 4 or more geographic locations.
  14. The majority of multiste church campuses are within a 30 minute drive of the original campus.
  15. Multisite campuses have a 90 percent survival/success rate.

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  1. Livea December 10, 2015 at 6:54 am #

    Joe,Agreed that the multisite monevemt is barely a decade old and still developing, yet it has grown dramatically in scope and scale with no sense of slowing down.The 90% success rate stat comes from a Leadership Network survey of multisite churches in 2010 and reflects a snapshot of the multisite monevemt at this stage in its development. According to the , 9 out of 10 churches with multisite campuses are still pressing forward with them. Of those who have closed or are thinking about closing, the location and campus pastor were the top two reasons why. Our surveys also reveal that multisite campuses typically become self-sustaining financially and functionally within 1 to 3 years. They also report a higher percentage of growth, baptisms and volunteerism than the sending campus.Even though the success rate of multisite campuses may vary as more churches join this monevemt, my prediction is that we will continue to see a high percentage rate of success. I love your definition of a successful church: financially viablity, growing and producing indigenous fruit.May their tribe increase!MultiSite Guy


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