Ready to Make Multisite Work for Your Church?


Join Tony Morgan and The Unstuck Group for a Free Webinar on Feb. 17

Is your church leadership team considering multisite as a part of your vision for the future? Or, are you already experiencing the unique challenges that come with being one church in multiple locations?

On February 17, we’re hosting a free webinar on Making Multisite Work.
There, we’ll be sharing the following:

  • 5 Factors That Distinguish Successful Multisite Churches
  • How to Know When Your Church is “Big Enough” for Multisite
  • How Multisite Churches Structure for Decision-Making
  • What to Look for When Selecting a Campus Pastor

Plus, additional research from surveying over 100 multisite leaders.

This webinar will be hosted by Tony Morgan along with members of The Unstuck Group. This is a group that believes multisite churches have the potential to lead more people in more places into a relationship with Jesus. That passion is built on a combined 40 years of leadership experience in several of the nations largest multisite churches.

Will you join us as we discuss how you can make multisite work for your own church?

Follow this link to register and join us for this exciting conversation on February 17, 1:00pm EST.

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