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I intentionally titled this post “Style Worship” instead of “Worship Style.” It’s driven by a question I’ve been thinking about lately, “Are we as Church Leaders and Pastors teaching people to fall in love with the Church, or with Jesus?” I know, I know…maybe I’m splitting hairs…the Church is the Body of Christ, right? It’s impossible to love Jesus and not love His Body…or love His Body and not love Him, right? But with so many well meaning Christians who claim to love Jesus arguing over different expressions of the Church and which particular style is “right;” it drives me to think that maybe in the end we are worshiping a style or particular expression of the Church instead of the God of the Church. Here are a few questions that I hope drive some solid introspection and good conversations.

1. Are we worshiping a particular style of Church, or the God of the Church?

2. Are we worshiping the Bible, or the God of the Bible?

3. Are we worshiping a system of Theology, or the God that has revealed a portion of Himself to us?

The truth is you can love all of these things without loving Jesus…it’s called being a Pharisee.

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  1. Kathy July 25, 2011 at 8:06 am #

    VERY TRUE. Being a Pharisee can be hidden from our own eyes sooooo easily. I agree. Been there. Hopefully I am a recovering pharisee. Lord help me!

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