The Church’s Response to Corona Virus: What do we do next? {free webinar}

The Church’s Response to Coronavirus: What Should We Do Next?

Webinar hosted by Tony Morgan, Amy Anderson and Lance Witt
45 minute discussion + 15 minutes live Q&A

The whirlwind of ministry just changed, and with each passing day the uncertainty seems to increase.

We’re with you. 

As church leaders, we’re in uncharted territory—for this generation, at least—but the Church has withstood and thrived in times of persecution and plague, panic and need. 

In this free webinar, Tony Morgan will host Amy Anderson and Lance Witt from The Unstuck Group’s team for a community conversation about how churches should respond to the situation in which we find ourselves with the coronavirus pandemic.

Join us for an hour on Thursday, March 19 for a free webinar. You’ll walk away encouraged, with more clarity around:

  • Why leadership so important during a crisis moment, and what it looks like
  • What people need to hear from their pastor in a crisis like this one
  • How your church and your team can redeem this moment to find increased impact and influence

Christ told us to expect trouble, but to take heart. In times of panic, the opportunity for the church to shine becomes clear.

Join the conversation on March 19, as we pull together to encourage and equip each other to lead well in the weeks ahead.

Follow this link to register now! It’s free!

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