Is Vision a Team Sport? Part-2

Just like you, I’ve heard countless talks about vision. Volumes have been written on the topic and blogs buzz every day with seemingly “new ideas” about vision. Google the topic and you could spend the rest of your life reading the content that comes up. So why add to the noise? Because as I was looking through some notes the other day, I came across one of the most actionable and energizing talks I’ve heard about the aspect of team and vision (by Jeff Henderson) and I wanted to share some of the key ideas with you.

4. The Entire Team must Embrace Casting the Vision:

The Team must cast vision consistently and daily. Casting vision ultimately depends on those who carry the vision. When a group of people carries the vision together, they carry it further, faster, and deeper. If your vision can be accomplished through you, it’s probably too small.

5. The Vision Question: “What did I do today to cast vision for our Church?”

Vision not repeated is just a one-time dream. This question pulls vision down from the clouds and puts it onto your calendar. This question prevents the urgent from crowding out the important. Remember it doesn’t have to be big (not that big is bad, big can be catalytic), it just has to be consistent.

1. Start where you are

2. Use what you have

3. Do what you can

6. Vision Casters and Vision Carriers are great Story Tellers:

Think of yourself as more of a movie producer and director. Stories both reflect and build culture. What you celebrate gets repeated. People remember and embrace stories. Think of ways to capture and tell the stories of your organization. Be a story provider to everyone else on the team.


How are you helping your team become vision carriers?

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