Why Bringing Problems to a Leader is a Problem

Leaders aren’t looking for problems. They’re looking for solutions. That’s one of things that make leaders…well, leaders. They find solutions, not problems. They lean into the future, not the past. Leaders naturally create chaos and tension in an organization they don’t resolve it. Because they know that every organization needs a certain amount of chaos or it stagnates and dies. And that’s why consistently bringing problems to a leader is a sure way to get your leader frustrated with you.

How to approach problems with your leader:

1. Seek Coaching: Seek out your leader early and often. Especially when you sense a problem is coming your way. If you are working with a good leader they’ll be happy to coach you…but don’t expect them to make the play for you.

2. Provide Solutions: If you are facing a problem that you feel like you need your leaders input on, then bring a couple of viable solutions with you.

3. Don’t Ask Them to Solve It: Don’t ask your leader to do your job for you. Your leader trusts you to execute the vision of the organization within the scope of influence you’ve been given or you wouldn’t be in the seat you’re in.

You know you have a problem with your team when:

1. Repetitive Problems: When you’ve got a staff member that has a problem that comes up over and over again, you’ve got a problem.

2. When you have to Point it Out: When your staff member is facing a problem, and they don’t recognize that they are facing a problem…especially if it’s a trend, you’ve got a problem with that team member.

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