why church staff change churches part 2 before you go

Inevitably at some point in life you’re going to ponder leaving the church you’re at for another. Either someone’s going notice that you’re doing a great job and invite you to their team, you’ll get frustrated where you’re at and be tempted to jump to another place, or you’ll be uninvited from the team that you currently serve on. Whatever the reason before you make the decision to leave your church for another, make sure you take the time to wrestle through the following questions. These were given to me about 10 years ago by a friend of mine who asked them to me and I’ve held onto them ever since. Hope they’re helpful!

1. What’s my relationship with Jesus like right now?

2. Am I experiencing extremes in my life? In other words am I currently walking through the valley or am I on the mountain top?

3. Are my motives for leaving pure and godly?

4. Am I willing to stay?

5. Who is pushing the issue here, God or me?

6. Is the work that God has for me to do at my present church finished, or at a good transition point?

7. How do others in my life and my spouse (if married) feel about these questions?

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