God doesn’t Need my Thanks

Jesus doesn’t need my thankfulness, but I need to give it. Because thankfulness isn’t for God, it’s for us. Thankfulness is necessary in our lives because it reminds us of who God is…and who we are.

Multiple times in the New Testament the Apostle Paul describes us as at one point being dead in our sin, but then being made alive in Christ. For those of us who know Christ we have been rescued from something far worse than any social ridicule, devastating circumstance, or even physical death. We have been made alive in Christ and rescued from spiritual death!

So in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in we can be thankful. Thankfulness is an internal posture we choose to take on, it is something we speak out loud, and live out in our actions. If we’re only thankful when things are going our way, then we’re not thankful…we’re entitled. And entitlement only comes close enough to Jesus to get something from Him, not give something to Him. The fruit of the transformation that tears down a spirit of entitlement in our hearts is thankfulness. There is an inescapable connection between transformation and thankfulness in our lives.

Jesus doesn’t need my thankfulness, but I need to give it.

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