What are you hiding from?

It’s one thing when you’re stuck in the airport, in the wrong checkout line, or traffic; but it’s a completely other thing when your kids start making decisions that don’t reflect the values of your family and those decisions are leading them on a path towards an impending trainwreck. When that moment comes and you don’t know what to do next…your stuck in your parenting. When you get married and you think you’ve met Mr. or Mrs. Right and your headed towards eternal maritial bliss only to find out that their breath smells bad in the morning too, all of the sudden this marriage isn’t what you thought it was going to be…your stuck in your marriage. People are stuck in their singleness, their finances, in their carreers, even in their relationship with God. This past weekend we landed a series that we’ve been working through at Sun Valley called “Momentum.” In it we’ve been unpacking the life of Moses and the story of the Exodus…having a conversation about what to do when you feel stuck in life. Here’s the talk that I gave this weekend to land the series, hope you find it encouraging!

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