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bridging the culture gap

Throughout the years culture has continued to be a dilemma for many Christians. As people we have a tendency to be skeptical, fearful, antagonistic, and even attack that which we don’t understand. Throw religion into the mix and we can turn into crusaders. Ironic isn’t it?

Is culture bad? Should we separate ourselves from the world and build our own culture? Should we embrace the culture and simply change with the times? What about fighting, campaigning, and politicking for change? Or should we just ignore culture all together? Fortunately, in Acts 17 the Apostle Paul gives us a great example of 4 steps we should take to interact with the culture around us.

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a biblical commitment demands cultural relevance

Much has been said and written in recent years, offering up all kinds of criticism of modern day Churches for trading off adherence to the Gospel of Jesus Christ for contemporary methods of communicating it. Interestingly enough the overwhelming majority of this criticism comes by way of other Churches. Typically it comes from Churches that are not growing criticizing Churches that are growing. After all, if a Church is growing, they’ve got to be doing something wrong don’t they?

I have a tendency to go the other way on this one. In fact, I’d go so far as to say if a Church isn’t working hard to be culturally relevant, it isn’t working hard to remain true to the Scriptures! You can’t be radically committed to the Scriptures without being radically committed to communicating the Scriptures in a culturally relevant manner.

It’s an easy statement to make because God has always communicated his message to people in a culturally relevant manner. Language, the time, place, ethnicity, gender, community, governance, and more has always been taken into consideration as the message of God was communicated to a particular audience. The Apostle Paul, a master missionary, knew this about the heart of God and understood that the Gospel must be contextualized to each specific culture. Check out this 4 step model…

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The Media Influence

In the last 50 years, media has quickly risen to the top as the #1 influence on Western Culture. Below are five reasons that have driven that accent to such a paramount place in our lives. While I’m not celebrating this fact, I’d much rather see the Church as the #1 influence in our culture. I do hope that this conversation helps us better understand the culture in which we live so that we may more effectively influence it with the Gospel.

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5 leadership lessons i learned from my dad

Father’s Day always provides a great opportunity to reflect on the kind of Father you had growing up and of course the kind of Father you would like to be yourself. In thinking about my Dad this weekend there were so many lessons that he taught me that came to mind, and fortunately, many things I still have to learn from my Dad. And while every father and man has their deficiencies to be sure, my dad has been an accelerant in my life and leadership by consistently allowing me to stand on his shoulders. Dad, I love you, and I’m so grateful that you’re in my life! So here are a handful of leadership principles that I learned from my Dad.

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