The Media Influence

In the last 50 years, media has quickly risen to the top as the #1 influence on Western Culture. Below are five reasons that have driven that accent to such a paramount place in our lives. While I’m not celebrating this fact, I’d much rather see the Church as the #1 influence in our culture. I do hope that this conversation helps us better understand the culture in which we live so that we may more effectively influence it with the Gospel.

#1 A common language to speak

Every culture has its own distinct language. Media provides us with that unified language and modes of communication.

#2 Role models to look up to and imitate

It allows us to know intimate details about cultural heroes in real time, which provides us examples of how to live our lives.

#3 A set of values and a lifestyle to embrace

Media provides us with clear messages that determine what’s important in life, how to live life, and what should be pursued in life.

#4 A philosophy of life to follow

Media provides answers for some of the biggest questions in life, including meaning and purpose.

#5 A sense of community

Media provides people with a shared sense of common sights, sounds, ideas, and artists which bridge across state lines, countries, and even cultures.

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