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How to Stop doing Ministry

Most church leaders know that there’s a big difference between doing ministry and leading ministry. And most church leaders are quick to affirm that their calling is to lead ministry, not do ministry (equip the saints to do the work of the ministryEphesians 4:11-13). But most church leaders I talk to admit to really struggling with rising above the day-to-day grind of doing ministry.

So how do church leaders make time to work on their ministry and not get stuck working in the ministry? What are you going to do different this week that will actually help you move the ministry forward and not just get stuck in the daily grind of keeping it going? Here are a few practical ideas that will help you break up the mundane treadmill of the daily grind of ministry and help you shift your thinking

Change your Physical Environment

Go work outside, in a coffee shop, your favorite restaurant or any other space that inspires you or you enjoy. A change in scenery really can do you good. Break up the routine and turn on different parts of your brain!

Listen to Different Voices

Read authors you don’t always agree with, listen to podcasts, get around people who don’t know Jesus. Learn to listen to different voices. It will help you shift your thinking, challenge your views, and ignite new ideas.

Calendar it

A calendar is a simple tool that has the power to pull ideas out of the clouds and put them into real life. No one is in charge of your calendar but you. You either run your day or your day will run you.

Manage your Energy

Manage your energy not just your time. Think about what you spend time on that energizes you and what depletes you. Who gives you energy and who drains energy from you?


Exercise, manage your sleep, and watch what you eat. You’ll be shocked how much better you think when you take care of yourself!

What else have you found helpful to get off the treadmill of doing ministry and actually start working on your ministry instead of getting stuck working in the ministry? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear your ideas!

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How many People should be Volunteering at your Church?

Did you know that there is a direct connection between the amount of money a church invests in staffing and the number of people who volunteer? What we’ve discovered in our research at the Unstuck Group is that the as a church increases its spending on staffing the number of people volunteering decreases.

Translation: if you want more people to volunteer at your church you may need to spend less on staffing.

What we’ve learned through our experience and research is that the average church in America is mobilizing 43% of their adult and student population in volunteer opportunities. The reason it is so critical for churches to address this and take steps to move their culture in the right direction is because volunteering is discipleship. It’s not about filling roles and getting ministry done through people. It’s not about what we want from people, but rather what we want for people. Mobilizing people into volunteer roles is the ministry of pastors and church leaders. It is discipleship. Because volunteering and living an others first life is the very essence of what it means to live like Jesus.

Interested in learning more? Download the ebook “Vital Signs: Meaningful Metrics That Keep a Pulse on Your Church’s Health” or consider engaging the Unstuck Group to do a Ministry Health Assessment with your church to discover the health levels at your church and develop a plan to move things forward.

In the meantime below is a free exercise you can do with your team to begin addressing the volunteer culture at your church:

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