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Leadership Summit 2017: Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham, world’s leading authority on strengths, performance and engagement, founded The Marcus Buckingham Company following 30 years at Gallup. He is the best-selling author of multiple books, including Now, Discover Your Strengths.  A Summit favorite, Buckingham will challenge everyone to rethink the vital leadership function of performance management – based on his latest multi-year research, recently featured in Harvard Business Review.

  • Excellence is not the opposite of failure
  • If you want to learn about sales study great sales people
  • If you want to learn about great leadership study great leaders
  • The opposite of bad leadership is not necessarily good leadership…If you study “bad” and invert it you get “not bad” …not great
  • The difference between a happy marriage and an unhappy marriage is not the amount of fights it’s what happens in the space between the fights
  • Most companies don’t know what teams exist and what they do because most work happens informally
  • Your job as a leader is to build more teams like your best teams
  • I’m really enthusiastic about the mission of my company

8 Statements about work

  1. I am really enthusiastic about the mission of the my company
  2. At work I clearly understand what is expected of me
  3. In my team I am surrounded by people who share my values
  4. I have a chance to use my strengths everyday at work
  5. My teammates have my back
  6. I know I will be recognize for excellent work
  7. I have great confidence in my company’s future
  8. In my work I am always challenged to grow

Everyone on your team needs these 2 things from you:

  1. Make me feel part of something bigger than me
  2. Make me feel special
  • Everyone’s favorite subject is themselves
  • Performance reviews are all bogus
  • People can’t rate other people…we’ve known this for years based on real research
  • 61% of our ratings of others is based on ourselves not others behaviors
  • The problems isn’t the ratings…you have to have numbers because you have to invest differently in people – so how do you get good data?
  • Self-rating on those 8 questions can help you get better data

2 questions trump the other 6

  1. (Do) I have a chance to use my strengths every day at work?
  2. At work (Do) I clearly understand what is expected of me?
  • There is a silver bullet: frequent strengths based check-ins about near-term future work (one on one…what are your priorities this week and how can I help?) Accountability
  • Because a year is 52 little sprints
  • If you wait and do it monthly the whole time you’re facing backwards instead of forward
  • People don’t want feedback they want attention and coaching
  • Help them get better don’t just criticize what they do wrong
  • The perfect span of care is the amount of people you can have a frequent touch base with each week…this is leading…this is what you should be busy with

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chick-fil-a leadercast

If you missed the 2012 Chic-fil-A Leadercast, then you missed some great content, great speakers, and incredible ideas that have the potential to shift your thinking when it comes to leadership. But no worries! Now you’ve got all the notes to every session right here at your fingertips for free! Hope you enjoy!

1. “3 Questions to Choose By”

Andy Stanley, Author & Lead Pastor of North Point Community Church

2. “An Interview with Urban Meyer & Tim Tebow”

Urban Meyer, Head Football Coach of Ohio State University, former Head Football Coach of the University of Florida, 2 Time BCS National Champion    Tim Tebow, Heisman Trophy Winner, 2 Time BCS National Champion, Author, NFL Quarterback

3. “An Interview with Angela Ahrendts”

Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry

4. “Stand Out”

Marcus Buckingham, best selling Author & Speaker

5. “The Personal Growth of a Leader”

John Maxwell, best selling Author & Speaker

6. “Leadership Thoughts”

Soledad O’Brien, CNN Anchor & Author

7. “Changing Culture”

Dr. Roland Fryer, Professor of Economics at Harvard University and founder and CEO of The Education Innovation Laboratory at Harvard

8. “The Psychology of Choice”

Dr. Sheena Iyengar, Author and Professor of Business in the Management Division of the Columbia Business School

9. “Organizational Health”

Patrick Lencioni, best selling Author, Speaker, and President of The Table Group

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chic-fil-a leadercast marcus buckingham

Here are my notes and take aways from Marcus Buckingham’s presentation at this year’s Chic-fil-A Leadercast! Enjoy!

  • Authenticity is your most valuable commodity as a leader
  • Before you deliver content to people you have to know people (Custom marketing and content i.e. Facebook, Netflix, and The New York Times)
  • Most leadership development programs are formulaic as opposed to algorithmic. They operate on the premise that there is a perfect leader out there and we’re all supposed to look like that.
  • Leadership by it’s very nature is idiosyncratic all great leaders are not the same
  • You can teach concepts and transfer principles to all leaders in your organization
  • Catch excellence and reflect it back…many people miss the concept or principle and instead adopt the practice…practice without principle is dangerous
  • The techniques of one leader are not easily transferred from one leader to the next because it often comes off as inauthentic

Stand Out Tool: 9 Areas of Strengths

  1. Advisor: What is the best thing to do?
  2. Connector: Joining the best in other people together.
  3. Creators: what do I understand? They need quite, time, and process.
  4. Equalizer: What is the right thing to do? Not just relationship but responsibility. You want to make it right. You do what you say you’re going to do.
  5. Influencer: Every conversation is a sale. Try to move others towards your agenda.
  6. Pioneer: What’s new, what’s next?
  7. Provider: No person gets left behind. Are you okay, care about others, shepherd.
  8. Stimulators: Raise the energy in the room
  9. Teacher: How can I learn, I can they learn, no one is ever finished
  • There is no perfect leadership profile only perfect practices that fit you profile
  • Your challenge as a leader is to take what is unique about yourself and make it useful to others

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