Leadership Summit 2017: Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham, world’s leading authority on strengths, performance and engagement, founded The Marcus Buckingham Company following 30 years at Gallup. He is the best-selling author of multiple books, including Now, Discover Your Strengths.  A Summit favorite, Buckingham will challenge everyone to rethink the vital leadership function of performance management – based on his latest multi-year research, recently featured in Harvard Business Review.

  • Excellence is not the opposite of failure
  • If you want to learn about sales study great sales people
  • If you want to learn about great leadership study great leaders
  • The opposite of bad leadership is not necessarily good leadership…If you study “bad” and invert it you get “not bad” …not great
  • The difference between a happy marriage and an unhappy marriage is not the amount of fights it’s what happens in the space between the fights
  • Most companies don’t know what teams exist and what they do because most work happens informally
  • Your job as a leader is to build more teams like your best teams
  • I’m really enthusiastic about the mission of my company

8 Statements about work

  1. I am really enthusiastic about the mission of the my company
  2. At work I clearly understand what is expected of me
  3. In my team I am surrounded by people who share my values
  4. I have a chance to use my strengths everyday at work
  5. My teammates have my back
  6. I know I will be recognize for excellent work
  7. I have great confidence in my company’s future
  8. In my work I am always challenged to grow

Everyone on your team needs these 2 things from you:

  1. Make me feel part of something bigger than me
  2. Make me feel special
  • Everyone’s favorite subject is themselves
  • Performance reviews are all bogus
  • People can’t rate other people…we’ve known this for years based on real research
  • 61% of our ratings of others is based on ourselves not others behaviors
  • The problems isn’t the ratings…you have to have numbers because you have to invest differently in people – so how do you get good data?
  • Self-rating on those 8 questions can help you get better data

2 questions trump the other 6

  1. (Do) I have a chance to use my strengths every day at work?
  2. At work (Do) I clearly understand what is expected of me?
  • There is a silver bullet: frequent strengths based check-ins about near-term future work (one on one…what are your priorities this week and how can I help?) Accountability
  • Because a year is 52 little sprints
  • If you wait and do it monthly the whole time you’re facing backwards instead of forward
  • People don’t want feedback they want attention and coaching
  • Help them get better don’t just criticize what they do wrong
  • The perfect span of care is the amount of people you can have a frequent touch base with each week…this is leading…this is what you should be busy with

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