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4 steps to clear church communications

One of the biggest mistakes that churches make in their communication and messaging strategies is in assuming that people care about what they have to say. In today’s competitive, cluttered, and message saturated market there is more than enough noise to keep people from noticing and listening to what you have to say. Even at church. Here are four questions that you must wrestle to the ground if you’re going to build an effective communication and messaging strategy at your church.

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do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth!

It is widely accepted that the following statistics on communication hold true…

55% of communication is physiological: your mannerisms, how you sit, etc.

38% of communication is tonal: your voice inflection, how you sound, etc.

7% of communication is verbal: the actual words you say

That means that 93% of what you convey has nothing to do with what you are actually saying. Or you could say that you are saying more than what you are saying when you are saying it. So here’s a quick list that hopefully actually says something about saying something.

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