4 steps to clear church communications

One of the biggest mistakes that churches make in their communication and messaging strategies is in assuming that people care about what they have to say. In today’s competitive, cluttered, and message saturated market there is more than enough noise to keep people from noticing and listening to what you have to say. Even at church. Here are four questions that you must wrestle to the ground if you’re going to build an effective communication and messaging strategy at your church.

1. Does your communication look like it’s coming from multiple voices or one voice?

Are you using consistent language and branding across the board? When there are competing voices in messaging coming from the same church or company, that competition leads to confusion.

2. Is the priority message getting priority communication?

You can’t effectively communicate everything to everyone. Have you taken the time to decide what actually gets communicated, who it gets communicated to, how it is going to be communicated, in what venue it is being communicated, and why? If everything is important, nothing is.

3. Are you spamming people or using permission based communication?

Are you attempting to force feed people or provide them with information that they are asking for and self-identifying they are interested in based on the venues they are putting themselves in?

4. Is the communication strategy at your church moving people somewhere?

If you put yourself in the seat of the attender, would all of the communication you’re receiving help move you along a pathway towards a desired destination or is it just another event to clutter your life or even worse stuff that’s not even pertinent to you?

I’d love to learn from you! What are the best steps you’ve taken to be both effective and clear with the communication strategies at your church?

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