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Leadercast 2014: Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Session 3 of Leadercast was a treat! We had the opportunity to hear from Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Beyond the wealth of personal –  literally world-changing leadership – experience he brought to the table, his laugh was incredibly infectious!

“Imagine a world where leaders didn’t make decisions based only on strategy or economics, but what was best for everyone involved.”

  • We are made for each other and to be dependent on one another. We need one another to know what it means to be human and be a person.
  • Poor leadership (brutality) hurts the leaders and those being poorly led. No one escapes unharmed.

1. Good Leaders Listen

  • They listen to everyone, even people they don’t agree with.
  • They act in the good of all.

2. Good leaders are accountable.

  • They have nothing to hide.

3. Good leaders lead.

  • They know the way and are in place to navigate, guide, and support.
  • They don’t make decisions to to be popular.

4. Good Leaders Know When to Retire

  • Then with that infectious laugh he ended his talk and walked off stage!


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