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moving is a lot like leading a church

After spending the last 4 days in a minivan with 3 kids, a dog, and a guinea pig I’ve decided that moving is a lot like leading a Church.

#1 Things never go according to plan

The military says it this way: no plan ever survives contact with the enemy. In our case I planned how much time we would spend on the road each day, what city we would stop and eat in, and I even made hotel reservations ahead of time. But after setting a world record for the amount of potty breaks in a single day…well let’s just say my plans got thwarted. There will be obstacles, detours, closed roads, and things generally won’t go according to plan. Regardless, stay on course. If God has given you a vision and a direction to go in, then keep going in that direction. Great leaders are not only tenaciously committed to the direction the organization is going they’re adaptable.

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3 days in a minivan with 3 kids a dog and a crab

As I’m typing this on my phone (those who know me are proud of me right now for learning to use technology) it’s the last night on the road tonight & we hit Atlanta tomorrow to start the next chapter of our lives together. We’ve tried to make the roadtrip as memorable as possible for the kids. I mean how many times do you ever move your whole family across the country? I think we’ve pretty much succeeded, only 6 movies in 3 days means we’ve been doing a lot of other stuff. There were stories read, laughter, and multiple cow sightings by the girls. There was the blimp we saw doing training moves just a few 100 ft off the ground, the horses sticking their heads out of the trailer as we passed by, picnics at the rest stops, Lincoln loved yelling at every tractor trailer we passed, and so on. There were tons of simple yet satisfying moments that happened on the trip that as a father I hope I never forget. And then there were the ones I do hope to forget. You know the ones if you’re a parent.

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