moving is a lot like leading a church

After spending the last 4 days in a minivan with 3 kids, a dog, and a guinea pig I’ve decided that moving is a lot like leading a Church.

#1 Things never go according to plan

The military says it this way: no plan ever survives contact with the enemy. In our case I planned how much time we would spend on the road each day, what city we would stop and eat in, and I even made hotel reservations ahead of time. But after setting a world record for the amount of potty breaks in a single day…well let’s just say my plans got thwarted. There will be obstacles, detours, closed roads, and things generally won’t go according to plan. Regardless, stay on course. If God has given you a vision and a direction to go in, then keep going in that direction. Great leaders are not only tenaciously committed to the direction the organization is going they’re adaptable.

#2 You always end up bringing more stuff with you than you planned on

Loading the minivan felt like playing a game of Tetris. It seemed like the stuff just kept coming and coming, as Lisa brought load after load to be jammed in. The reality is the people you are leading are bringing their own baggage along for the ride…and so are you for that matter. At some point it’s going to get messy, especially when you’re surprised and discover that stuff was being packed for the ride that you didn’t even notice. Relax…surprises happen to the best leaders. But one of the things that separate good leaders from great leaders is how you respond to those surprises.

#3 The pace matters

The pain of spending all day driving through Texas was slightly aided by the fact that the speed limit was 80mph for the last stretch. There were construction zones, speed traps, and crazy drivers that needed to be passed. The pace at which you lead affects those you are leading more than you know. In fact the art of timing and the pace at which you move has more to do with how it affects who’s following than when you get to the destination. Good leaders know when to hit the gas and when to tap on the brakes.

#4 Enjoy who’s on the ride with you

If you’ve ever been on a road trip with a 7, 6, & 3 year old (don’t forget the dog and the guinea pig), you know that there are…how should we say it…moments of tension. They look at each other the wrong way, they touch each other, they breathe each other’s air, and well it’s on like Donkey Kong! Sometimes it’s sad how easy it is to become frustrated with the very people you love and have answered a call by God to lead. Great leaders don’t lose sight of who they are leading for the sake of where they are leading.

And yes, by the way, the picture is of Clifford…the dog…at least he was comfortable on the ride!


What are your favorite moving stories?

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  1. Tracy Noble June 13, 2011 at 2:43 am #

    Our family moved from Iowa to Arkansas, with a car loaded to the brim (1 child, 2 cats, 1 dog) and pulling a boat. My daughter, who was 7 at the time, made a poster that read “NOBLE’S ARK … 2 parents, 1 kid, 2 cats, 1 dog and a boat” and we hung it on the boat trailer. We got LOTS of honks, waves, and thumbs-up from fellow travelers on the highway! We were VERY glad to reach our destination after that trip.

    Another move when my daughter was just an infant involved loading a U-Haul trailer (not a truck), only to discover that our Camaro would not tow the load. So, hubby had to unpack the entire thing and go to Plan B, which was a moving van from Jacksonville, Florida to Chicago, Illinois. Ugh!

    “MOVE” is the worst 4-letter word in the English language. LOL

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