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What My 8yr Old Taught Me About Goal Setting

The other day I was driving my 8yr old daughter to school, like I do every day, and we got into a conversation about goals for 2014. She quickly began to teach me a leadership lesson about goal setting that I thought I’d pass along to you. She explained to me that there are 3 kinds of goals:

1. “Soccer”

You know, like when you score a goal in a soccer game. Yep, got it. Keeping score is a good thing when you’re setting goals.

2. “Animals”

This one took me a bit longer to understand, and she actually got frustrated with me because I was a little slow on the uptake. But what she was saying was “gulls.” Like Sea Gulls. The thought process of an 8yr old, cute.

3. “When you Reach for Something”

Finally she said that a goal is something you have to reach for, and you can’t mark it off your list until you keep doing it. In other words it involves 3 things:

1. Consistency: Just because you change a behavior one time or achieve something once, doesn’t mean you’ve mastered it or arrived. You’re looking for a consistent change in behavior.

2. Accountability: A list is a great way to build accountability. If it isn’t written down it doesn’t exist. You’ve got to have a solid concrete target to shoot for.

3. Reach: Whatever goals you set in 2014 they should push you to reach for something on the top shelf. It shouldn’t be easy and the sheer movement towards that goal should cause personal growth.

Smart little lady huh? I should let my kids write all my blog posts!

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5 keys that can make all the difference when speaking up to your boss

For many people talking to their boss can be incredibly intimidating. Especially when they don’t agree with a decision that their boss has made. So, how do you speak to your boss when you don’t agree with them? These 5 keys can make all the difference when you’re speaking up to your boss.

1. Setting

If you disagree with your boss or you’ve got constructive criticism to offer up, then you need to go and discuss it in private with them. Not supporting your boss publicly is the quickest way to lose private influence with them.

2. Commitment

Few supervisors will entertain criticism or disagreement if they question your loyalty. Remember even scriptures talk about the value of the wounds of a friend. Proven commitment over time can earn you the right to be heard.

3. Attitude

The last thing you want is to come across combative, critical, or un-supportive. The attitude you approach your supervisor with can make all the difference. Always “lead with a yes.” Yes we can do “X” but it is going to take “Y.”

4. Timing

When is the right time to approach your boss? Make sure you take into consideration what’s going on in the organization. Are you winning or losing? What is the stress level of the team? What pressure is the team facing? The right thing, at the wrong time, is always the wrong thing.

5. Relational Equity

Simply put, you can’t spend what you don’t have. Go into the “red” too far and you’ll end up with a debt that you won’t be able to repay. If you haven’t earned the right to say it, then don’t.

What have you seen be successful when speaking up to your boss? Leave a comment!

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setting the right goals

With 2013 quickly approaching most Churches and Ministries are getting ready to enter into a period of planning and goal setting for the new ministry year. Goal setting can be an effective tool to take tangible steps that lead you and the overall organization towards making vision become reality. But how do you know if the goals you’re setting are the right ones? Here’s a quick list to get you going the right direction:

1. The right goals result in overall church progress not just individual ministry progress

2. The right goals provide a clear target for movement and track winning

3. The right goals change the status quo

4. The right goals force you to lead at a higher level

5. The right goals raise the level of involvement and leadership of those around you

6. The right goals keep you from settling for current success

So what’s missing from the list? What would you add?

Need help figuring out how to make the vision God’s given you become reality? Let’s talk!

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