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Leadership Summit 2016: John Maxwell

Leadership expert, bestselling author and coach, John Maxwell, dropped a ton of wisdom everyone at Leadership Summit this year and he was as quotable as ever. Here are my notes and take-aways.

  • Leaders add value to people
  • All communicators connect on common ground with their audience
  • Have you ever been suspicions of a leader?
  • Have you ever had a leader hurt you?
  • When you’re a leader you have the opportunity to bless people or curse them, help the rise or fall.
  • Before you can lead a person you have to find them
  • Every day intentionally add value to people
  • There is a thin line in leadership in motivating people and manipulating people
  • 3 Questions that Followers ask Leaders (will you add value to my life?)
    1. Do you like me? (compassion)
    2. Can you help me? (competence)
    3. Can I trust you? (character)
  • Everything worth while is uphill
  • People have uphill hopes and downhill habits
  • No one ever talks about accidental achievement
  • Significance and selfishness are incompatible
  • Most people don’t lead their lives, they accept their lives
  • 5 Things to Daily Add Value to People
    1. Every day value people because Jesus values people
    2. Every day I think of ways to add value to people (intentional living is up front thinking – who am I going to see today and how can I value to them?)
    3. Every day I look for ways to add value to people
    4. Every day I add value to others (did I add value to others today?)
    5. Every day encourage others to add value to people
  • Are we going to spend our lives connecting with people or correcting them?

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Discovering the Leadership Culture at Your Church

While many churches may have a list of Core Values that they’ve built, very few churches that I’ve come across have taken the time to do the hard work of defining and clearly articulating their Staff Values or Leadership Culture that they’re trying to build at their church.

Culture is tough to define. It’s the elusive, soft stuff in the organization that’s more on the art side than the science side of leadership. It takes hard work to articulate it. But it’s a must for any church that wants to actually be intentional about building a particular staff leadership culture. A clearly defined culture allows you to make decisions, hires, and take any number of other steps at a faster pace. After all as Peter Drucker famously said…

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
Peter Drucker –

Interested in discovering the Staff Leadership Culture at your Church? Start here. Gather your Sr. Leadership Team together and spend some time wrestling with the following two questions and build some lists together.

We Love when our Staff: fill in the blank

What are the stories of the hero’s on your Staff? What are the behaviors that you wish everyone on your Staff portrayed? What are the moments that make you the most proud of your team?

We Cringe when our Staff: fill in the blank

What the the stories that you hope never get repeated? What attitudes have you seen your staff adopt, behaviors have you seen your staff engage in, or things you’ve heard them say that simply makes you cringe?

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