Leadership Summit 2016: John Maxwell

Leadership expert, bestselling author and coach, John Maxwell, dropped a ton of wisdom everyone at Leadership Summit this year and he was as quotable as ever. Here are my notes and take-aways.

  • Leaders add value to people
  • All communicators connect on common ground with their audience
  • Have you ever been suspicions of a leader?
  • Have you ever had a leader hurt you?
  • When you’re a leader you have the opportunity to bless people or curse them, help the rise or fall.
  • Before you can lead a person you have to find them
  • Every day intentionally add value to people
  • There is a thin line in leadership in motivating people and manipulating people
  • 3 Questions that Followers ask Leaders (will you add value to my life?)
    1. Do you like me? (compassion)
    2. Can you help me? (competence)
    3. Can I trust you? (character)
  • Everything worth while is uphill
  • People have uphill hopes and downhill habits
  • No one ever talks about accidental achievement
  • Significance and selfishness are incompatible
  • Most people don’t lead their lives, they accept their lives
  • 5 Things to Daily Add Value to People
    1. Every day value people because Jesus values people
    2. Every day I think of ways to add value to people (intentional living is up front thinking – who am I going to see today and how can I value to them?)
    3. Every day I look for ways to add value to people
    4. Every day I add value to others (did I add value to others today?)
    5. Every day encourage others to add value to people
  • Are we going to spend our lives connecting with people or correcting them?

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