Leadership Summit 2016: Bishop T.D. Jakes

During the Summit Bill Hybels had an incredible interview with Bishop T. D. Jakes who serves as the Founder and Pastor of The Potter’s House.

  • We let people put a period by what they define us as, where I believe that God placed a
    comma. It’s the trap of being stuck by a title.
  • Find the common denominator-and then lead from the position of what do you have in common
  • We are underutilized and frustrated by not being challenged.
  • If every day’s challenge has become predictable, we have stopped growing.
  • Haters are symptoms that we are on the right track.
  • You need to appreciate the haters. They are not always wrong.
  • Success is not changing the minds of the haters.
  • If we are going to affect the world, we need to do it through stories they can relate to.
  • We keep telling people to keep coming to our churches, and we have forgotten that we are
    supposed to be going to where they are.
  • You are no greater than the people you surround yourself with!
  • Your dream should be bigger than you.
  • We have asphyxiated our dreams because we have limited ourselves with a tribal perspective when we have a global God.
  • There is always something I’m going to miss everyday. The art is to not miss the same thing twice.
  • Anytime you take on new things it is going to take you time to learn how to manage it.
  • My structure needs to be sufficient to the weight load I’m carrying.
  • The big question is what am I willing to leave behind to get where God wants me to go?
  • Systemic racism is about whether or not you have included them in the plans for success.
  • We were created by a creator to be creative. We act more like God when we are creative!

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