Leadership Summit 2016: Dr. Henry Cloud & Shauna Niequist

There is a blind spot that every “Type A” driving leader has when it comes to self-reflection

The Illusions of Leaders: things you think are true about Leadership but aren’t really true

  • The Illusion that you can carry ever increasing amounts of speed in your life and you can simultaneously keep your soul moving in the same way
  • The Illusion that you can do it alone
  • Who you are connected to determines your ability to execute strategy. Connection increases your capacity.
  • No Connection
    • Isolation = your brain doesn’t work in isolation
    • Leadership can force you into a corner of isolation
  • Bad Connection
    • Leaves us feeling that I can’t meet expectations
  • Good Connection
    • Fake or pseudo good – we connect with something that makes us feel good (illicit relationship, success, addictions, etc.)
  • Real Connection
    • I must walk into that corner with my needs being known to another person
  • Illusion of Achievement
    • Exhaustion and isolation come from to do lists, productivity, hustle, and achievement
    • Love is not in the numbers, reports, or achievements…it’s in the other stuff…it’s something that you receive.
    • Satisfaction audit on a 10 scale
    • Are you chasing something that is ultimately going to leave you unsatisfied?


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