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Leadership Summit 2017: Juliet Funt

Juliet Funt, a globally-recognized consultant and speaker, founded WhiteSpace at Work with the mission to unearth the potential of companies by unburdening their talent from busywork. She and her company help high-achieving teams execute better within the “Age of Overload” through light and enjoyable micro-learning digital courses. Teams that incorporate WhiteSpace mindsets and skill-sets increase productivity and engagement, reclaim lost capacity and execute at their finest.

  • In the flow of our days we are all getting less comfortable with “the pause”
  • This loss of time without assignment…the pause is where our best thinking and get our best ideas…it’s where we do our best work
  • This pause is the most endangered species
  • 100% exertion and 0% thoughtfulness
  • When talented people don’t have time to think business suffers
  • #1 we are too busy to become less busy
  • #2 we don’t count the cost
  • There is a HUGE cost of worshiping the false god of business
  • Does work have to be this way forever?
  • Whitespace is the secret ingredient to improve productivity
  • Whitespace is a strategic pause taken between activities
  • Great leaders naturally use whitespace
  • You can’t rush the cooking of a great idea
  • Strategic pause

3 Things that are not Whitespace

  • #1 it is not meditation
  • #2 it is not mind wandering
  • #3 it is not mindfulness
  • It is giving yourself permission to think the unthunk spot
  • Decrapify your workflow

Become conscious of the thieves (four thieves)

  • Busyness always feels like its our fault
  • Busyness is not a personal problem it’s a society problem

1. Drive

2. Excellence

3. Information 

4. Activity 

  • These are also linked to our personality
  • They all have values and faults
  • Your time in the presence of the thieves is a space that will be filled
  • Defeat them with the questions
    • Is there anything I can let go of?
    • Where is “good enough” good enough?
    • What do I truly need to know?
    • What deserves my attention?
  • whitespacegls.com (tool)
  • When’s the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago…when’s the 2nd best time? today

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