Does Your Church Need More Volunteers?

The best churches don’t hire ministers to DO all of the ministry; they equip and inspire volunteers and leaders to get ministry done. Check out this quote from Wayne Corderio.

“I’m convinced that the influence of a church has on its community will be determined in large part not by the personality of the pastor, the size of its building or how long the ministry has worked in the community. It will be determined instead by the percentage of involvement in the ministry of each member. This marks the transition from attendance to ownership, from being consumers to contributors.”

You may be a gifted speaker. Your church may have a beautiful building. Your team may lead large ministries. But without healthy volunteers, your church will struggle and you will be stressed. You’ve got to decide…will your church be led by a small band of superheroes or a large army of servants? The best churches don’t hire ministers to do all of the work. They mobilize volunteers and leaders to make ministry happen.

This is why I want to introduce you to Get More Volunteers

Whether you’re a seasoned pastor or brand new to the ministry, you can learn what’s working to attract new volunteers to your church and lay the foundation for a healthy volunteer ministry. This online event is designed to help you attract new volunteers to existing positions, mobilize more people for ministry, and sign up people quick.

My friend Tony Morgan and the team at The Rocket Company interviewed five leading pastors and will give you the latest ideas and the best strategies for bringing new volunteers into ministry roles in your church.

Here are 5 compelling reasons you should sign up to watch Get More Volunteers 2013.

#1:  It’s Fully Online

No travel required! I know you’re busy and your time is valuable. Gather your team around a computer or watch from your office.

#2:  It’s Free

Not only are there no travel costs, the event itself is totally free. You’ll have access to all of this great content without having to spend a penny. Finance Teams rejoice!

#3:  Fresh Ideas

You’ll hear from leading pastors and learn what they do in their churches to mobilize volunteers. This isn’t inspiration….it is practical help and new ideas to help your church.

#4:  Respected Pastors and Speakers

My friend Tony Morgan is hosting the event, and along the way you’ll hear from Perry Noble, Chris Hodges, Wayne Corderio, Reggie Joiner and Derwin Gray. Each of these leaders knows how to lead volunteers.

#5:  Rave Reviews

Thousands of church leaders around the world have completed free training events with the Rocket Company. They have trended on Twitter and been turned into eBooks.

Follow this link to register you and your team today!


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