Chick-fil-A Leadercast: John Maxwell

As always John Maxwell put out some great content this year to chew on. Here are some of my take-aways:

  • “The business schools reward complex behavior, but it’s the simple behavior that makes you effective in life” Warren Buffet
  • There is a difference between a communicator and an educator. A communicator takes something complicated and makes it simple. An educator takes something simple and makes it complex.
  • It isn’t easy to be simple, but it is effective.
  • It is easy to be simplistic, but it isn’t easy to be simple.
  • Simplistic = shallow and fast: “Experience is the best teacher”
  • Complex = deep & slow: “Experience isn’t the best teacher because how many people do you know who are getting older but aren’t getting better?”
  • Simple = deep & fast:
  • Add: value to people. If you really want to be a leader then add value to people every day.
  • Subtract: your leadership landmines.
  • Multiply: your strengths by developing them
    • Confidence doesn’t replace skill
  • Divide: your weaknesses by delegating them
  • A leader is like a quarterback. They don’t get paid to run the ball but to get the ball to the right players.

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