chic-fil-a leadercast urban meyer and tim tebow

Here are my notes and take aways from Urban Meyer & Tim Tebow at Chic-fil-A Leadercast.

  • Urban Meyer saw leadership in Tim when he took over a baseball game as a right fielder. You can exercise leadership from any position that you play.
  • Leadership is the ability to influence somebody…it may not be 100 people, but it’s probably one…it could be your son or your daughter.
  • Great leaders are: 1) Selfless, 2) Have a tremendous Work Ethic, and have a 3) Competitive Edge
  • Leaders raise the level of play of people around them
  • How do you handle criticism as a leader? Faith & Family…mission focus…criticism gets our attention to drift off the mission
  • You can’t control what people think about you so don’t waste your time thinking about it. Don’t spend your energy there
  • If you have a platform you’re a role model

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