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Chick-fil-A Leadercast: Henry Cloud

I love the way Dr. Henry Cloud tackles the psychology behind the work we do. Want to learn more? Check out my post on his book Necessary Endings and the notes below:

  • The real work is not to get the right strategy but getting the people to work the strategy
  • Boundary #1: Necessary endings – when the leader realizes that the worst thing they can have is hope. Great leaders master the art of pruning:
    • A rosebush produces more buds than it can sustain so only the best ones are kept. There are 3 kinds of pruning that need to take place:
    • Good Stuff: What’s good but not best? Activity doesn’t equal movement or progress. Sometimes more activity is just more activity and it just leads to more complexity and simplicity is what is needed. The life and future of a company is in about 20% of the company. Feed the future.
    • Sick Stuff: What’s sick and not going to get well? Stuff that’s season has passed. Sometimes leaders get so invested in something (ego, time and energy, etc.) and the season passes and it’s time to pull the plug on it. Pruning takes courage.
    • Dead Stuff: What’s dead and taking up space? People hold on too long (even when it’s not best for the future) because they feel like they need to be the source to everything or they have emotional attachment to the past. You can’t grasp the future while holding onto the past.
  • Boundary #2: Focused Attention – great leaders lead people in ways that the people’s brains can actually follow them…they create focused attention so people’s brains can work.
    • Attend to what is relevant so you know what to do:
    • Inhibit everything else:
    • Create a working memory (keep it in front of them all the time):
  • If everything is important nothing is
  • Do you have enough desire for your goals to exercise the discipline it takes reach them?

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chick-fil-a leadercast

If you missed the 2012 Chic-fil-A Leadercast, then you missed some great content, great speakers, and incredible ideas that have the potential to shift your thinking when it comes to leadership. But no worries! Now you’ve got all the notes to every session right here at your fingertips for free! Hope you enjoy!

1. “3 Questions to Choose By”

Andy Stanley, Author & Lead Pastor of North Point Community Church

2. “An Interview with Urban Meyer & Tim Tebow”

Urban Meyer, Head Football Coach of Ohio State University, former Head Football Coach of the University of Florida, 2 Time BCS National Champion    Tim Tebow, Heisman Trophy Winner, 2 Time BCS National Champion, Author, NFL Quarterback

3. “An Interview with Angela Ahrendts”

Angela Ahrendts, CEO of Burberry

4. “Stand Out”

Marcus Buckingham, best selling Author & Speaker

5. “The Personal Growth of a Leader”

John Maxwell, best selling Author & Speaker

6. “Leadership Thoughts”

Soledad O’Brien, CNN Anchor & Author

7. “Changing Culture”

Dr. Roland Fryer, Professor of Economics at Harvard University and founder and CEO of The Education Innovation Laboratory at Harvard

8. “The Psychology of Choice”

Dr. Sheena Iyengar, Author and Professor of Business in the Management Division of the Columbia Business School

9. “Organizational Health”

Patrick Lencioni, best selling Author, Speaker, and President of The Table Group

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chic-fil-a leadercast patrick lencioni

This is the last of my notes from the Chic-fil-A Leadercast. Hope they were helpful! In the final session Patrick Lencioni, founder and president of The Table Group and author of 9 best selling books, killed it! Enjoy the notes.

The single greatest opportunity for improvement and competitive advantage is free, accessible, and untapped

Why we resist simple change:

  1. Sophistication bias: the solution is not complex or sophisticated enough
  2. Adrenalin bias: we need it to be a quick fix now
  3. Quantification bias: because I can’t quantify how important organizational health is, I won’t do it

Organizational Health =

  1. Minimal politics and confusion
  2. High degree of moral
  3. Good people rarely leave healthy organizations

It is impossible in this day and age to build a competitive advantage based on knowledge. But you can build a competitive advantage by building a healthy organization. Every team has a enough experience, talent, and industry knowledge…what they don’t have is a healthy organization.

Building a healthy organization

#1 Build a Cohesive Leadership Team:

Great leaders are vulnerable and this is how you establish trust, predictive trust is different than vulnerability based trust / if a leader on the team can’t be vulnerable first he won’t have a culture of vulnerability and trust on his team / when you’re a leader people see you sweat first

#2 Create Clarity:

6 questions to align around: (bummer I didn’t get them all) why do we exist, how do we behave, what’s the most important thing for us to do right now, who around this table needs to do what next / great organizations define what the 2 or 3 things are that drive them and then they’re relentless about them.

#3 Over-Communicate Clarity:

People have to hear it 7 times before they remember it, great leaders never get tired of repeating themselves, if you’re people can’t do a good impression of you when you’re not around then you’re not saying it enough, if you want to be cool then don’t be a leader

#4 Reinforce Clarity:

Put structure and process in place to support this, how you hire, fire, reward people, institutionalize your culture without bureaucratizing it. How do you hire/filter to fit your culture?

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chic-fil-a leadercast dr. sheena iyengar

If you missed the Chic-fil-A Leadercast I hope these notes that I’ve been posting this week have been helpful for you. Just two more posts left. These are my notes from Dr. Sheena Iyengar, author of The Art of Choosing and Professor of Business in the Management Division of the Columbia Business School.

 What makes a leader?

Is it Fate, Chance, or Choice?

Tip #1 We are the sum of our choices

Tip #2 Effective Leaders see choices through the eyes of others

  • People are overwhelmed by choice
  • People are more attracted to choice and options but are more likely to make a choice with fewer options
  • The more choices we have the more we delay making a choice, the worse choices we make, the less satisfied we are with our choices
  • On-line Resource: Choosing Exercise
  • Effective Leaders are choosy about choosing
  • Choosing is an art
  • A Leader is someone who can live with nothing, yet have everything

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chic-fil-a leadercast dr. roland fryer

Below are my take aways from Dr. Roland Fyer who serves as Professor of Economics at Harvard University also the founder and CEO of The Education Innovation Laboratory at Harvard.

Changing the culture of schools & Education

  1. Lengthen the School Day
  2. Hire and Keep Great Teachers
  3. Develop a Culture of High Expectations
  4. Tutor Groups
  5. Quick Assessment & Adjustment

I loved how easily transferable the above 5 principles were to improving or changing the culture of a church as well.

Applied to Church-world…

  1. To Improve Performance it takes Practice
  2. Hire and keep Great Pastors/Staff
  3. Expect Great Results
  4. Specifically Coach & Develop Talent
  5. Evaluate Performance and Adjust your Approach

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