chic-fil-a leadercast dr. sheena iyengar

If you missed the Chic-fil-A Leadercast I hope these notes that I’ve been posting this week have been helpful for you. Just two more posts left. These are my notes from Dr. Sheena Iyengar, author of The Art of Choosing and Professor of Business in the Management Division of the Columbia Business School.

 What makes a leader?

Is it Fate, Chance, or Choice?

Tip #1 We are the sum of our choices

Tip #2 Effective Leaders see choices through the eyes of others

  • People are overwhelmed by choice
  • People are more attracted to choice and options but are more likely to make a choice with fewer options
  • The more choices we have the more we delay making a choice, the worse choices we make, the less satisfied we are with our choices
  • On-line Resource: Choosing Exercise
  • Effective Leaders are choosy about choosing
  • Choosing is an art
  • A Leader is someone who can live with nothing, yet have everything

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