global leadership summit 2012: mario vega

Mario Vega is the Senior Pastor of Misión Cristiana Elim in El Salvador one of the world’s largest churches with 73,000 attendees. These are my notes from the talk he gave at The Summit this year:

  •  God is not interested in offerings or sacrifice but obedience
  • There are defining moments in the life of a man that define his character
  • When a person participates in dishonest behavior it reveals the character of the heart, and it is usually just the tip of the iceberg
  • Those who allow themselves the liberty of moral failure open the door for further failure in the future
  • The moral failure of a leader will challenge the integrity of others as well
  • The steps that Samuel processed when he realized the fact that his friend Saul was no longer going to be king: 1. Denial 2. Depression 3. Acceptance 4. Action
  • Integrity lost cannot be fully restored
  • Leaders are defined by the ongoing decisions that they make
  • Every right decision a leader makes will strengthen his influence


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