global leadership summit 2012: john ortberg

John Ortberg is the Lead Pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, in Menlo Park, CA and author of “many books” according to Wikipedia (that means too many to count). These are my notes from his talk:

  •  Too often we argue about Christianity instead of marveling at Jesus
  • Christian Leaders need to expand their view of Jesus because they are stewards of the movement that He began
  • Jesus gave the world its most important movement
  • Jesus Christ has become the hinge of history
  • We give our children names like Paul, Peter, and Mary and our dogs’ names like Caesar and Nero
  • Jesus shaped how we express compassion
  • Wherever you have an institution of self-giving for the lowly…it probably has its roots in Christianity
  • The Jesus movement shaped education
  • The Jesus movement revolutionized art
  • Jesus changed how we think about human rights and dignity
  • Who is this man?

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