Global Leadership Summit 2013: Joseph Grenny

Day 2 of Leadership Summit started off with Joseph Grenny, Co-Founder of VitalSmarts and best-selling author. He spoke on mastering the skill of influence, the topic of his book: Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change.

  • Leadership is Intentional Influence.
  • Bad behavior can feel good or bad and good behavior can feel bad or good.
  • Your job as an influencer is to make the good stuff feel pleasurable and the bad stuff feel bad.
  • Influencers understand that people can change the way they feel about behavior and decisions (we can talk ourselves into anything).
  • Our ability as leaders is not just about motivating people but also acquiring the competence to do so.
  • People change when we put together a strategy that includes impulses, motivation, training, cues, and accomplices.
  • Don’t just teach principles connect them to values
  • Help people frame specific daily decisions in godly ways
  • Ability is a profound factor in influence…most people start on the right and move left – they start with skills and abilities and move towards motivation
  • Practice setting must approximate the real world
  • Small bites with consistent feedback and coaching is the best environment for increasing skill levels.
  • You want to change the world, learn how to change behavior

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