Global Leadership Summit 2013: Mark Burnett

It was incredible to sit and listen to Bill Hybles have a conversation with Mark Burnett, four-time Emmy Award Winner and Executive Producer of Survivor, The Voice and The Bible among other shows.

  • In business, there are a lot of “No’s.” No just means “next opportunity.”
  • The Bible is a calling. When Jesus says to do something you get your #@% off the couch and do something
  • Stop playing defensively and start playing offensively. Stop apologizing. Be offensive.
  • Choose your companions before you choose your road
  • Hire the right people empower them and stay out of their way
  • Not everybody is the right body on the team
  • If someone pitched a show without a budget and a schedule I’d think they’re crazy, irresponsible, and they’d be fired tomorrow
  • The easiest thing to do is to waste money and overspend.
  • What we’re doing is fun but it’s not a game
  • Making Christian shows or movies doesn’t give you permission to make it crappy

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