global leadership summit 2012: craig groeschel

Craig Groeschel is the founder and Senior Pastor of LifeChurch.tv and author or multiple books. These are my notes from his talk at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit:

  • If you delegate tasks, you create followers…if you delegate authority you create leaders
  • If you’re a part of the older generation don’t fear the younger generation or resent them, but believe in them because they need you
  • If you’re have to ask yourself if you’re a part of the older generation…you’re a part of the older generation
  • When I turned 40 I began to ask myself are my best days of ministry behind me? Can I still engage the younger generation?
  • God values maturity and if you’re not dead you’re not done
  • Embrace the season that you’re in, be yourself authenticity trumps cool every time
  • You can be a spiritual father to those who come behind you Psalm 71:18
  • The younger generation needs those who have gone before you more than you know
  • #1 word that describes this new young workforce is entitled
  • Because the younger generation feels entitled you over estimate what you can do in the short run but under estimate what you can do over a lifetime of faithfulness
  • If you want to lead up then lead with honor
  • Honor publicly results in influence privately
  • Respect is earned but honored is given
  • Some in the younger generation need to repent because you’re hindering what God could do if the generations worked together
  • If you ever want to be over, you need to learn to be under with integrity
  • Leadership teams and churches naturally age
  • How the older generation and younger generation can work together:
    • Create ongoing feedback loops from those who are older and younger
    • Create specific mentoring moments
    • Create opportunities for significant leadership development
  • Don’t copy what successful people do, learn how they think

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