global leadership summit 2012: jim collins

Jim Collins, researcher and best selling author of the leadership books Built to Last, Good to Great, and How the Mighty Fall, shared a message at the Global Leadership Summit. Here are my notes from his talk:

  • The X-factor of great leadership is humility combined with will
  • Fanatic Discipline: excerpting a sense of control in a world that increasingly seems out of control
  • Discipline keeps you from over extending yourself and getting wiped out by the next big storm
  • The principle of the 20-mile march turns great intentions into productive results: consistent consecutive performance
  • Most leaders fail to fire enough little shots to try new things & they have a propensity to fire big uncalibrated shots that lead to failure
  • More and more innovation without discipline leads to failure
  • Productive Paranoia: leads to preparation and buffers the things you do before times are tough
  • The signature of mediocrity is not unwillingness to change. It is chronic inconsistency.
  • Creativity is natural, discipline is not…
  • What’s rare is the ability to marry creativity and discipline without destroying creativity
  • It is how you manage with discipline in the good times that allows you to be strong when people most need you most
  • The greatest danger is not failure but to succeed and not know why
  • Life is people and time with people you love
  • An organization is not truly great if it can’t be great without you
  • Luck = a specific event that 1. You didn’t cause 2. It has a potential significant consequence 3. It was a surprise
  • Great winners in were research were not “luckier” all of us get these events, its what you do with them when they come
  • Greatness is not a matter of circumstance but a choice
  • A great organization possesses 3 things: 1. A superior performance relative to the mission 2. They make a distinctive impact 3. They achieve lasting endurance beyond any one leader

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