Leadercast 2014: Laura Busch

The first speaker of the afternoon was First Lady Laura Bush. Theses are my notes and take-aways from her conversation.

“Nothing prepares you for leadership as much as experience”

  • The people you’re leading can teach you
  • Having a clear objective or opponent helps teams focus on the real opponent instead of making each other the opponent
  • Wise team members offer input when it is invited, they don’t feel the need to overly insert themselves
  • Normal life together in the mundane moments provides a depth and framework to lead from as a team is in the difficult moments
  • In stressful leadership times having a routine provides strength, calmness, and stability
  • Leadership is not about popularity…popularity is fleeting…the role of the leader is to lead in the correct direction regardless of popularity
  • Calm is contagious…everyone takes their cues from the leader
  • Leaders speak for those who cannot speak for themselves
  • Leaders have a bias to turn and face challenges, especially unexpected challenges
  • Treat people with respect, don’t be demeaning or sarcastic towards the people you work with
  • Leaders set the example: Children aren’t very good at listening to their elders but they’re very quick to imitate

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