The Best of Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit Pt-2

In the past I’ve regularly taken a large team to the annual Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit, this year was a little different. Thankfully the Global Leadership Summit is available digitally even after the live event! We previewed the talks and selected the best two from this years event to share with our team.

The first talk was from Patrick Lencioni bestselling author, Founder and President, The Table Group.

The Most Dangerous Mistakes a Leader Makes

#1 Becoming a Leader for the wrong reason

  • Fame, money, power, etc.
  • Why should someone want to become a leader? Because they want to sacrifice themselves for others even when they may not get anything in return.
  • There is no other kind of leadership other than servant leadership
  • If it’s not servant leadership then it’s just economics and measuring a Return on Investment

#2 Failing to Embrace Vulnerability

  • Destroys trust with the people that they lead
  • You can’t be too vulnerable as a leader
  • People have a right to expect you to be competent but they don’t expect you to be perfect
  • Vulnerable leaders are genuine, apologize, don’t cover up for themselves, and lean into others are better than themselves in particular areas

#3 Making Leadership too Important

  • Most of the time we’re thinking about leadership…we’re thinking about work
  • Our identity can get wrapped up in being a leader instead of other more important things like being a child of God, spouse, or parent
  • Are the people (family) who are our primary vocation getting ignored because our jobs and employees are more important than them?

Pride is what all 3 of these things have in common

  • When Jesus introduced humility as a virtue to society he perfected leadership.

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