the two most powerful collaborative questions you can ask

Organizations spend all kinds of resources to attract and keep young talented leaders at the table. But surprisingly the best way to do this may be free. Give them what they want, a voice into real leadership decisions.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is the art of collaboration. And while collaboration may not be your natural leadership style, learning to ask the right kind of questions can build a collaborative environment where ideas thrive and young leaders grow.

If you don’t know where to begin, then for the next month start asking these two simple questions. The results may amaze you.

1. What do you see?

Inviting honest critique and others perspectives will create a sense of openness on your team. This is a great way to get “fresh eyes” on old problems and identify problems that you didn’t even know existed.

2. What should we do about it?

Engaging others in problem solving makes them feel that they are truly a part of a team, because their input is considered and matters. You may find you don’t have any new ideas because you simply haven’t been asking for them.

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