What the Church can Learn from U.S. Airways about Fun

When you put the word “fun” and “airline” together in the same sentence what usually comes to mind for people who regularly fly is Southwest Airlines. They’re known for their comical antics and exceptional guest experience. But I can honestly say that I recently had one of the best flying experiences of my life, and shockingly it was with U.S. Airways! All of the credit is due to the lead Flight Attendant, a young lady by the name of Florence, who made the experience hilariously fun. Sadly most organizations miss out on what a powerful driver fun can be in the workplace.

1. Fun Can Change People’s Attitude

The guy sitting across from me on the flight came onto the plane frustrated and complaining about the poor experience he had in the airport and while boarding the plane. And yet Florence had him laughing and smiling within 2 minutes. Do you have people in your church who consistently complain? Help them have fun and you may be surprised how things change.

2. People Want to be in on Fun Stuff

Please don’t miss this simple but profound statement. Everyone on that flight is now more likely to be a repeat customer and fly U.S. Airways again because of the fun infused into the experience by Florence. Do people want to be a part of your church because it’s fun?

3. What makes it Fun is the Right People

The reason everyone on that flight had fun was because the Florence was having fun. If you want people around you to have fun, someone has to go first. Fun is just as contagious as complaining is.

4. You know when People are Having Fun

It’s easy to measure if people are having fun. Their face shows it with a smile and laughter. Within just 5 minutes of the flight being fully boarded, people on the plane were literally asking out loud how they could let U.S. Airways know how well she had done her job. And they were all smiles.

And U.S. Airways, if you’re out there and reading this, give Florence a raise! She’s worth it!

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  1. Bill Weisler October 7, 2013 at 7:48 am #

    A really neat book on this is simply titled “Fish!” Talks about introducing fun into the work place.


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