your personal growth plan won’t make you grow

Growth doesn’t just automatically happen. In order for a person or an organization to grow, the right stuff has to be consistently cultivated over a period of time. Even then, growth isn’t guaranteed. Reading a book, taking a class, going to a conference, listening to a sermon, spending time with a personal coach or mentor over a cup of coffee, or even reading the Bible doesn’t mandate growth. I mean how many people do you know who know the Scriptures, but aren’t growing and year in and year out never seem to end up looking much more like Jesus? How many people do you know who have a lot of content jammed into them but can’t translate all of that information into real life? Just because you have and follow a personal development plan that exposes you to the right content doesn’t mean you’re going to grow. Content alone doesn’t foster growth. So what does? The list may not be exhaustive, but if you can figure out how to couple the following list along with great content I think you and the organization that you lead in will be well on your way to growth.

#1 Humility:

I have something to learn from everyone I come in contact with

#2 A Teachable Spirit:

Intentionally giving permission to someone else to speak into your life and challenge your thinking

#3 Diligence:

Consistently pursuing the right information, experiences, people, and conversations

#4 Obedience:

Applying knowledge and acting upon it

#5 Discipline:

Choosing the right course of action even when I don’t feel like it


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